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Discover Moreland Home Study Program

Doing Homework

Home study is an alternative to classroom instruction and is designed to respond to each student’s unique educational needs, interests, and abilities. This alternative instructional strategy offers the flexibility to meet an individual student’s style of learning. Home study students are expected to meet the same educational objectives as their peers and enrolling in the Moreland Home Study Program is the legal equivalent to enrollment in public school.


The Moreland HSP provides dedicated educators who advise parents on curriculum and lesson planning and who support families throughout their homeschooling experience.  A standard curriculum that is used throughout the Moreland School District is made available to HSP students, as well as other curricula and materials such as math manipulatives and science supplies. Some parents occasionally find alternative curricular materials that are better suited to their child, and the program is able to support that, as well.


The program offers FREE on-site enrichment classes in science/STEM, art, literature, and writing. Also available are opportunities for field trips and other social engagements.


The Moreland HSP is open to students who are in Kindergarten through the 8th grade and reside within the Moreland attendance area, as well as neighboring school districts.

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