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Current Classes

Create. Learn. Grow. 

Lower Grade Science

Stories and STEAM

Get ready to explore science through literature! Using favorite children’s stories as a springboard to learning, students will engage in hands-on, discovery oriented projects that will integrate engineering, math, and literacy into each lesson. Students will be taught the engineering design process and will work with others to create devices and solutions to problems using a variety of unique materials. 

Grades k-2

Middle Grade Science

Fun with Physics

From Newton’s Laws of Motion to the behavior of electrons, the science of physics is an integral part of building students’ understanding of the world around them. In this class, students will investigate a variety of phenomena involved with speed, friction, gravity, air resistance, electricity, magnetism and energy.  Hands-on labs that use the scientific and engineering design methods will enable the students to apply their learning to a wide array of science challenges.

Grades 3-5

Upper Grade Science

Chemistry Matters - Big Ideas About the Very Small

In this class, students will investigate the world of atoms and molecules through hands-on inquiry-based activities and molecular model animations.  This year-long comprehensive middle school class will cover protons, neutrons, and electrons, the periodic table, density, volume, and chemical reactions.  And that's not all!   In our second semester, students will explore the worlds of polymers and plastics, food chemistry, and dry ice!

Grades 6-8

Middle Grade Writing 

Writing With a Purpose

Discover your writing strengths and style! This class will help students hone the skills needed to write well, think clearly and express themselves eloquently and persuasively.  Direct instruction will be provided in the wide range of tools necessary for narrative, opinion, and informative writing. Throughout this course the children will plan, edit, revise and “publish” original stories and essays.  Cooperative games and exercises will be incorporated into this class in order to help the students become more confident and expressive writers.

Grades 3-5

Upper Grade Writing 

Well-Spoken: The Art of Public Speaking

Conquer your fears and prepare for success! During this introduction to public speaking course, students will prepare and deliver introductory, narrative, informative, how-to, impromptu and persuasive speeches.They will also analyze and critique famous speeches throughout history and will learn the basics about being an effective public speaker.  Preparation will include research, outline organization, drafting, rewriting and polishing speeches. Public speaking games and other engaging activities will be woven into this course of study.

Grades 6-8

Advanced Lit Circle

Adventure, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

Grades 7-8 

Art Class

Sculptastic!  Adventures in 3D Art

 Throughout this class, students will experiment with different materials and techniques, creating sculptures that are anything but ordinary. From  the principles of kinetic sculpture, to clay basics, to found object creations, to transforming a beloved toy into an alebrije,  kids will let their creativity run wild as they create unique 3D artworks. 

Grades 3-8

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